CAD / CAM Technology

CAD / CAM technology is used to design & manufacture products and parts from raw materials such as metal, wood & plastic. We specialise in CNC machining and use the CAD system to design the product and programme the manufacturing process. The CAM software then reads the design built by the CAD software and generates the toolpaths that machinery follows to machine the products from raw materials such as metal, wood & plastic.



Geometric Manufacturing Specialists

We have been using CAD / CAM software since the inception of Geometric Manufacturing, in the early 200’s. Our team of product development experts have collectively over 40 years experience with CAD / CAM softwares from self-taught and intensive training. With our in-house experts, we have the capacity to offer a full solution from design through to painting to our customers at a cost-effective rate.

As part of the promise with Geometric Manufacturing, if you do not have the expertise to design your products using CAD / CAM software, this is something we can do as part of the project.

The CAD / CAM Software Process

When working with Geometric Manufacturing, customers often recognise how we identify the CAD / CAM and design process of their products as one of the key aspects of a project. It is extremely important that this process is taken seriously as it is the first major process that is undertaken in the project.

Whether you want us to design your product within the project or not, we assess all CAD / CAM drawings comprehensively to make sure we believe it is the most effective way of machining the product and it will work with machinery we use.