CNC Routing

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Routing is a productive method of machining as it has a speedy manufacturing process. Equipment for CNC routing and machining pride themselves on precision, accuracy & power as they follow a programme built by CAD / CAM designers to cut raw material. Due to the automation that takes place with CNC Routing, it is a hugely popular machine to use. Its industrial size means that it is super powerful but can restrict how it is used and who can use it.



Wood Projects

Geometric Manufacturing are not just specialists in machining metal. We have worked with a number of customers fulfilling projects that require wood machining and plastic machining. Our CNC Routers do the perfect job with both wood & plastic and our skilled setters expertise mean we can deliver intricate parts for our customers, finished to the highest standard.

While metal machining is our forte, projects with wood or plastic is something we also really enjoy. The in-house team can design, draw and machine products for our customers with ease, whatever the project may be.

CNC Routing Process

The CNC Routing process is very similar to the CNC Machining process, where we design & draw the product through our CAD / CAM software. This will then build a programme for the CNC Routing machine to follow. We run this as a test first, to make sure it is exactly what the customer wants and, as long as everything runs well, we continue with the programme.

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